Tom Underwood

Tom joined The Rotunda Group with more than 20 years of lobbying experience, including service as the Kentucky State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). A third-generation lobbyist with fond memories of tagging along with his grandfather on visits to the Kentucky State Capitol, Tom’s time with NFIB makes him ideally suited to advocate for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

He is a longtime supporter and voice for business owners, a group he considers to be the heroes who make American work. His successes include the enactment of a small business exemption from the Alternative Minimum Tax, a 100-percent state tax deduction for state residents who pay for their own health insurance and the lowering of workers’ compensation costs.

Tom holds a degree in business administration and an MBA from the University of Kentucky. Tom is the happiest with his wife and soul mate Angela.  He is Dad to two handsome and outstanding young men.